Terms and Conditions


These terms apply to all offers and contracts relating to the sale and delivery of products by ELEVEN PLUS S.R.L.S.

Purchase contracts between seller and customer are ruled by the following terms.

All of the displayed prices are to be considered VAT included.

Acceptance of Sale’s conditions

1. The contract stipulated between Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. and the Customer must be concluded with the acceptance, even if partial, of the order by Eleven Plus s.r.l.s., who has the right to accept the order. The acceptance of the order is tacit, otherwise communicated to the Customer via other modality. When ordering anything from the platform, the customer agrees automatically to the Purchase Terms, accepting all general and payment conditions.

2. If the Customer is a final consumer, once the online purchase has been completed, he will need to print or save a copy of these Purchase Terms.

3. The Customer loses his right of compensation, as well as any responsibility specified by the contract, as a result of his non-acceptance, even if partial, of an order.

Purchase methods

1. The customer can purchase only the products contained in the electronic catalogue of Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. whenever the order is placed, viewable at https://elevenplus.shop, as they appear in the information sheets. All of the technical information in the website reproduces faithfully the products in the web catalogue. Eleven Plus s.r.l.s has the right to modify any technical information regarding their products at any moment. The images used to describe the products are intended not to perfectly represent their characteristics, in which they could differ for color, dimensions and accessories. All of the information concerning purchase support needs to be intended as generic information material.

2. The correct order reception is confirmed by Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. by an email sent to the address given by the Customer, in which there will be indicated date and time of reception and Order number, to be used in any further communication with Eleven Plus s.r.l.s.. The message will also contain the information provided by the Customer, who commits himself to verify them and correct them if necessary , according to the procedures reported in this document. The Customer can verify his order status by visiting his personal area on the web site.

3. In case of non-acceptance of the order Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. will immediately send a communication to the Customer.

4. All of the prices displayed in the website are to be considered VAT included. Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. has the right to modify any of the prices at any time. If a wrong price happens to be published on the website, the order will be cancelled.

5. The website https://elevenplus.shop reports for each product the number of available items at the moment of the order. Due to the possibility of contemporary online orders changing the availability of the products, Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. does not guarantee the assignment of the ordered products.

6. On specific products, promo items, Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. reserves to accept the order and/or reduce the quantity by giving prompt communication to the Customer.

Payment Methods

Debit/Credit Card

Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. utilizes STRIPE technology (stripe.com), which accepts most popular cards, such as  Visa/Visa electron, MasterCard, American Express; the web site does not memorize the card number of the Customer, since the payment is directly processed by  STRIPE.

Shipping Methods

Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. invoices all shipped orders. The invoice reports all data placed by the Customer in the order sheet. No change in the invoice is allowed, once it is released.

The Customer will be charged with the shipping costs specified during the checkout process, as well as the payment method. No other commission or expense is due to Eleven Plus s.r.l.s..

Orders delivery is granted for packaging up to a total weight of 30 kg.

Delivery time is merely indicative, any variations might occur due to road traffic or authorities intervention.

Unless a specific agreement between parts is made, the standard delivery time is considered from 9.00 to 13.00; from 14.00 to 18.00, of each working day, from Monday to Friday.

Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. will not be held responsible for any delayed delivery.

When the order is received by the Customer, he is bound to check:
– that the number of boxes equals the number reported on the receipt;
– that the packaging is intact, not damaged or ruined nor altered.

Any damage to the packaging and/or the products or the mismatch in the numbers reported shall be immediately notified to the courier, by writing “WITHDRAWAL WITH RESERVE” on the delivery receipt, and sending within 8 days a reclamation to the courier, whose address is visible in the delivery documents. In case of damage by writing “WITHDRAWAL WITH RESERVE FOR DAMAGE”. A notification email to Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. is also recommended, at [email protected]

Once the courier receipt is signed, the Customer takes full responsability and cannot make any claim.

Delivery with Express Courier

We rely on the best express couriers to provide the customer with an excellent service.

The standard delivery is scheduled 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00 only on working days (Monday to Friday).

At first the courier delivers the package unannounced. If the Customer is not at home, the courier will leave a note, trying to re-deliver the order within 24 hours; if the customer happens to be outside for the third time, he will be contacted by the courier who will proceed with the third attempt.

In case after the third attempt goes wrong, the Customer will be contacted by Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. to define the details of the fourth and final delivery attempt.

If anything goes wrong after the fourth delivery, the order will be returned to Eleven Plus s.r.l.s., with resulting order cancellation and nothing will be due to the Customer.

Processing Time and Delivery Time

1. Order processing time
With “processing time” we refer to the period between order registration and delivery to the express courier.
All orders regarding stock products, with payment confirmation within 12:00, will be delivered to the courier within the next 48 hours.

2. Delivery Time
Deliveries will be completed within 1 to 5 working days from shipment date.

Delivery Charges

The fixed contribution for deliveries amounted to € 9,00.

Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. reserves the right to modify delivery charges without notice, according to any change that might occur in the contracts previously subscribed with Express Couriers.

Right of withdrawal

1. Every product purchased on the web site elevenplus.shop can be returned within thirty (30) working days from order reception. It is possible to return the package by mail (using traceable mail) or with an express courier. If you decide to use our courier you will be asked to contribute to the shipping fees (9,00€).

2. It is possible to return the product getting completely refunded or in exchange with other items on the web site for the same amount. The exchange depends on the product’s availability. In this case the shipping fees will be charged to Eleven Plus s.r.l.s.

3. Returned Products must be in the same conditions as they were received. They don’t have to be used or washed, and must be returned with their own packaging.

4. In order to exercise this right, please send us an email claiming you intend to avail the right of withdrawal. Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. will send you a printed authorization to be attached to the packaging you want to return.

5. The Customer will be refunded with all the payments made, delivery charges included, within 14 days from Mail confirmation.

6. The Customer is solely responsible for any possible decrease of the product’s value as a consequence of an incorrect use and/or manipulation of the product.

Exceptions from the right of withdrawal

The following products and services that are offered on elevenplus.shop are excluded from the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the Directive (EU Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU). This list contains the most relevant products sold on ElevenPlus that are excluded by the Directive. You cannot withdraw from the purchase of:

  • sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery.


All products commercialized by Eleven Plus s.r.l.s. are covered by Manufacturer Conventional Warranty according to decree DLgs n. 24/02. To benefit from warranty assistance, the Customer must preserve the invoice (or Delivery Document) received with the product.

1. Legal Warranty
When the product presents lack of conformity, the Customer can either repair or replace the good, without any charge. If not possible, the Customer must be refunded partially or totally according to the product’s value.

2. Legal Warranty period
The legal warranty is valid for two years and must be enforced by the Customer within two months from evidence (invoice or delivery document must be preserved).

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