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How do I clean up my face mask?

You can use a washing machine (setting up to 40/50°C), eventually add some laundry detergent.
Hand washing is possible by immersing in warm water (max 60°C) and rubbing with normal soap. Eventually rinse with water.
DO NOT USE any softener, alcohol, bleached products. This could alter the fabrics breathability or cause airway inflammation.

How do I dry my face mask?

When washed just by sun exposure.
DO NOT USE any dryer, this could ruin the tissue.

When do I wash/sanitize my face mask?

Face masks must be washed/sanitized before use.

How many times can I wash my face mask?

Their effectiveness is guaranteed up to 50 washes.

Do I need to iron my face mask?

It is not necessary.
However if you want a tight looking mask you can iron the external layer, paying attention to use the hot iron in order not to burn the tissue.
We do not recommend ironing the internal layer, since its water-repellency could be altered.

Is this face mask a medical device/KN95/FFP2?

No. ELEVEN PLUS face masks are just for the EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE COMMUNITY.
They’re not a medical device nor a PPE.
They can’t be used in a working place where social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

How do I pay my order?

Payments can be made with credit card, prepaid card, wire transfer.

What’s the expected delivery time?

Your order will be processed in two steps:
1. Order processing time: 24/72 hours during working days from order confirmation,
2. Delivery time : 24/48 hours during working days.
Until the delivery is not sent to the courier and no delivery code is generated, your order status will be “in progress” in your private area. Then it will appear as “completed”.

How can I verify the delivery status ?

Once the courier receives your package, a tracking number will be generated (about 24 hours).
You will then receive an email or a text directly from the courier. In your private area on our website we will add a note with the tracking number.
To check the delivery status visit the following page:
– Copy the tracking number and paste it in the field “Shipment number”.
– Select “International Shipment” and press “Submit” button.

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